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All About our Company

About Us

We are building an ecosystem of cryptocurrency products that gives equal opportunity for everyone to take part in the fintech revolution. Through Casacriptos, we are driving mass adoption, and we join hands with our partners in achieving this. casacriptos is compliant with the regulations, and we believe that regulating the industry will take cryptocurrency to new places.

Marco Bendeti

CEO of Casacriptos

Marco has over 10 years of experience working in and around Financial Technology. He has delivered innovative SaaS systems for some of todays biggest institutions around payments, identity, and banking infrastructure. Marco has been in the Blockchain space since 2012 and is involved in a number of blockchain and fintech businesses both as an investor, board director, and founder..

Meet our Team

Meet our great team of casacryptos

Marco C. Bendeti

Ceo Casacryptos.

Victor L. Fuentes

Marketing Mind

Marcelo C. Valdez

Hardcore Coder.

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Thousands of users trust casacryptos. this is because we offer a transparent service without any trap. We have been working for several years to improve the service and we have achieved it..


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